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December 8th, 2012
Toys for Tots Pageant
Louisville, KY 40299

November 8,9, 10th 2013
Queen of the Commonwealth
National Pageant
Bardstown, KY


**Please note that our pageants are open to residents of all states!

Queen of the Commonwealth
P.O. Box 43963
119 Evergreen Road
Louisville, KY 40243-9998

Phone: 502.468.7697

Email: QOCPageants@yahoo.com

The Queen of the Commonwealth National Pageant System Encourages our Contestants to REACH FOR THE STARS!

Our mission is to provide a fun filled community focused event with fairness & no partiality in race, creed or ethnicity! Pageantry is a vehicle that many females choose to launch careers such as Modeling and Acting, or jobs in the Entertainment Industry. It is a journey filled with Self Improvement! We encourage our competitors to realize that anything is possible, and that they should always "Reach for the Stars"!

The Queen of the Commonwealth Organization is just one very small part of a nationwide, community-service oriented pageant network that operates 12 months a year and is open to every state and more than a thousand cities and towns across the country. Our Queens truly understand and appreciate the crucial role they play in promoting the common well-being ("COMMONWEALTH") of today's society. On an annual basis, it is the goal of our program that our state and local titleholders, along with our network of volunteers, participate in 1000’s of hours of community service projects while providing assistance to many worthy causes.

The Queen of the Commonwealth Program also exists to give females of all ages a vehicle to further their personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which they can express their talents, intelligence and opinions on culture, politics and the community.

Our 10 age Divisions consist of the following:

  • Baby Queen - 0-11 months
  • Tiny Queen - 12-23 months
  • Toddler Queen - 2-3 years
  • Little Queen - 4-5 years
  • Petite Queen - 6-8 years
  • Junior Queen - 9-11 years
  • Pre-Teen Queen - 12-13 years
  • Teen Queen - 14-16 years
  • Miss Queen - 17-26 years
  • Ms. Queen - 27 years and older

State Preliminaries are being held now, and At-Large Registrations are currently being accepted! Don’t miss the opportunity to, not only make a difference in your community, but make a difference in your own personal development and growth as well! Request information and become one of our 2013 National Stars!


We are hiring Preliminary Directors now! If interested, please contact QOCDirector@yahoo.com. Our staff will respond within 48 hours!

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Become a Volunteer!

Our Queen of the Commonwealth volunteers do so because they say they get a good feeling about what they can do and the impact they can make on their communities. Join our volunteers to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Who Are the Queen of the Commonwealth Pageant Volunteers?

The Pageant volunteers are dedicated individuals who assist with the state and national levels of competition.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Awards Coordinator
  • Back Stage Assistants
  • Community Relations Liaison
  • Contestant Coordinator
  • Gift Liaison
  • Hospitality Liaison
  • Judges Coordinator
  • Merchandise Liaison
  • New Local Prelims Development Coordinator
  • Publicity Specialist
  • Program Book Coordinator
  • Registration Coordinator
  • Travel Expert
  • Parade Coordinator
  • Special Events Coordinator

If you have time, talent, a service or a venue to contribute, we have a place - and a need - for you! Whether you help decorate a parade float or reach out to other community service organizations and educators to secure briefings and special appearances for our Queen of the Commonwealth titleholders, you will be making a positive difference in your community and in our contestants’ lives!

For more information about volunteering in the Queen of the Commonwealth Pageant System please email QOCDirector@yahoo.com.



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